My Empty Nest is Now Full of the Paranormal

I started my RandomReasoning blog years ago when I was an empty-nester and not sure what to do with myself. Things have changed now and I’m half of a podcasting team talking about all things paranormal. You can stop reading now if this is the last thing you want to read or listen to. I secretly have always loved this stuff. Give me a good ghost story and I’m all ears. Jenni and I try to keep the conversation fun as we share what we know on our new podcast. So far, we’ve discussed ghosts and aliens, but we have lots more to say on many topics.

The podcast is The Crooked Key Podcast at or you can find it wherever you listen to podcasts. If you like it, push the subscribe button and you’ll get notifications when we do a new podcast.

If you want to read what else I have to say, I also post at each week. On the Home page, go to Podcast blog on the menu, and you’ll find my stories or, of course, you can subscribe to get notifications.

Thanks to everyone who supported this blog over the years.

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