El Camino

It’s finally happening. For many years, I’ve dreamed of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I’m not sure when I first heard of the trek. I’ve just known for many years that I was going to walk. 

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve tried planning this pilgrimage a number of times and something always came up. My sweet spiritual sisters told me it would happen when it was suppose to happen. There’s always a silver lining with some folks. Being the hard-headed girl that I am, I wanted it to happen when wanted it to happen. 

The stars have finally aligned. I’m walking this month and I’m walking with one of the few people who can tolerate many days of my ridiculous humor combined with my long periods of quiet reflection. Quite a combination, I know. We’re not doing the complete walk because of time constraints but we’re getting our toes wet. 

My sister is my Camino partner. She is one of the best people I know. She is a compassionate caregiver to all who wander into her sight. She’ll take care of you and never stop to consider if she should. She gets that ‘love thy neighbor’ stuff. I’m  blessed to spend two weeks with her. 

I’d like to say I’ll blog along the Camino but maybe not. I do promised to take pen and paper in hand every night- even if the rest of my body is rolled up in a ball of pain. It could happen. This is a trip of unknowns to me. I’ve never backpacked in my life.

Stop laughing. I got this… hopefully. 

When I get home, if I haven’t blogged, I’ll read those notes and share what you need to know. 

Let the journey begin. 


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