This is not a fire in my hotel in Austin
This is not a fire in my hotel in Austin

Today’s post is suppose to be coming to you from a hotel room in Austin, Texas, but Mother Nature changed my plans. Instead, I’m in front of a warm fire in my very own den.  This is usually one of my favorite places to be, but, tonight, outside, a large orange and white truck looms.  It’s silently reminding me that there are places I need to be.  It’s also reminding me how cold my fingers and toes were yesterday when we loaded furniture in the freezing temperatures. 
We were suppose to move my daughter to Austin today, but with poor road conditions to the east and south of us, we decided to wait until tomorrow.  All day the big truck sat and waited, reminding me we were still here and all my plans had to be, well, re-planned.  Today,  I angrily glared at the truck each time I ran another errand in the bitter cold. These were things I planned to put off until Monday in hopes of warmer weather.   But now I won’t be back Monday and these errands couldn’t be put off any longer.  So back out in the extreme cold I went, time after time.

Procrastinator, remember?  Hater of cold weather, remember? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have survived as a pioneer woman.

Of course,  I loved having my daughter here an extra day, (I’m still working on my diabolical plan to keep all my children locked in the basement) but she’s ready to get back to Austin.  I know it’s hard to believe she doesn’t want to live with me the rest of her life–and harder to believe that I know her going back to Austin is for the best.  Sniffle, sniffle.

Anyhow, that all explained and whined about, I’ll now try to make some sense of this post.   It’s just my attempt at letting everyone know that I’m not, once again, going to wait months to post. I’m not going to quit every time things are a little crazy. That’s the key to this I guess.  I also know many of you are dealing with a lot more crazy than I am.

There will never be a perfect time everyday to blog. Schedules change, weather changes, but you just have to find a minute to do what you enjoy. So here it is. My minute or fifteen minutes of sanity in a rough (did I mention cold?) day.

I hope all of your days were cozy, stress-free and toasty.