I’m back or I will be back later this month.  I’m leaving town today for a week but I just wanted everyone (and I know there are tons of you or five) to know I did not get run over by a bus or swept up by a tornado as is common in the panhandle of Texas.  Mostly I have been trying to figure out what to do with myself and writing quite a bit-just not here.  I came to the conclusion that I will NEVER know exactly what my purpose on this blue ball is and it’s time for me to quit worrying about it.  From here on out I will live in the moment.  Of  course if I do that I will never be able to look to the past and therefore I will never have my car keys and I won’t look ahead so there will be no retirement fund.  Maybe I better think this out a little more.

Soon I will be back posting and reading all the wonderful blogs I’ve been missing – unless I’m abducted by aliens on my trip.  See how I tied that into my title!