Something for the Weekend (1)

Maturestudenthanginginthere  is hosting a virtual creative writing class for the next few Saturdays.  With an accelerated heartbeat,  I’m participating.  I love poetry but rarely share what I have written.  For the next few Saturdays, I will share.  If you’re here for my usual witty (humor me) posts, you’ll have to wait for another day.

  Enough rambling.  Here is my first assignment and first ever published poem.


The door of the museum opens on

the exhibit of the long gone artist.

The couple walk in and look at his work.

Momentarily, he and she observe.

He raises an eyebrow and her eyes roll.

They move to the next, not understanding

the intimacies they bear witness to

in the blacks and grays and blues and purples.

They do not see love and hate, life and death or

the secrets of a man’s life put on display,

illustrated in the mingled pigments.

But one day the front door opens again.

A woman stands before the artist’s work.

Her pulse quickens, her spirit awakens.

She perceives the passion the painting holds.

She feels the love and hate, the life and death.

For her, the colors tell the lost story

of the artist who created to share

history, written in textures and hues

of paint tinted with his dripped sweat and blood.

As he labored, he hoped some would see

with eyes of the soul and not the socket.

The woman knows that long ago, he stood

in his studio and painted for her

the picture hanging in the museum,

and finally, she has come to see it.


  1. great. the emotions in this piece work brilliantly, as i almost followed the same pattern as the people in the writing-for the first pair, i read with interest, but no emotion. Then when the woman sees the painting, the words weave the scene perfectly and my emotion followed the same path as hers. When a poem can do that, you know its special. thank you.


  2. nice. there is something special about writing poetry don’t you think? good luck in your quest and looking forward to your next creative pieces!


  3. I love this poem! It is so beautiful and so sentimental. I know how hard it can be to share your personal writing with the world. It takes a lot of bravery and courage but am so glad that you posted about this. It’s lovely.


    • Thank you. The plan is another poem next week. ‘Something for the Weekend’ is not limited to poetry but I feel like a poem is what I’ll do.
      Thanks for reading.


    • Thank you. I believe that line was the favorite.
      I was in your zip code (or close by since SA has many zip codes) and it was quite chilly. I hope Wonderbutt stayed warm.


  4. I left you a comment this afternoon but it didn’t post through. I loved with the eyes of the soul not the socket and the ending gave me goosebumps…you write beautifully – Jane


  5. “see with eyes of the soul and not the socket” 🙂

    “painted for her…and finally, she has come to see it.” love this. Love This.

    What if who/what we create for has yet to come into being? Isn’t that the gift we give forward, never knowing how it may play out? How will we ever know, who the truest receiver of our gifts will be?



    • Thank you. So many great artist and their works were not appreciated in their lifetimes. I wonder if they somehow knew someday the right person would see that work. You know, as a writer, no matter how great you feel something is, it won’t speak to everyone.
      You comment was thought provoking. Thanks.


  6. Thank you for sharing your work. It is thought provoking. I see in the poem, an abstract portrait of a woman whose lost her fear to ‘see’ herself through another’s eyes.


  7. ‘with the eyes of the soul not the socket’ – I was captured with that one line and then the ending…I got goosebumps…this is lovely and I am looking forward to reading more from you 😀


    • Thank you for reading. I was at Parent’s Day at my daughter’s school yesterday. Sorry it took me a while to approve your comment but I read it on my phone and I was flattered. I’m excited about coming up with something for next week!


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