Resolutions-No,No,No, not Now

For all of you – or one or two of you – sitting around waiting to hear my New Year’s Resolutions, it isn’t going to happen.   Instead, I’ve noted three things I won’t work on this year.

For the record if I was going to make resolutions, I think it would be telling that I waited until January 4th to ponder this list.  It’s too late to start any of those write everyday or meditate everyday or celebrate everyday of 2012 kind of plans.   Three full days have passed.  I’ve already blown No Procrastination in 2012 so let’s just not put it on the list- if there was a list.  Anyone who waits until January 4th to make resolutions is a chronic procrastinator and probably needs serious help.  I can’t worry with this.

And speaking of worrying, if I don’t make a list, will people think less of me?  Is having resolutions something I need to do to be a functioning part of society?  Will my children be judged because of their nonconforming mother?  No Worrying in 2012 is not going to make the list of resolutions either-if there was a list.  I will always worry about things like will we have the money to get all the kids through school and still retire, where should we retire, and of course, did I turn the iron off or am I going to burn down the house while I’m at the grocery store and then we will never retire?  It does worry me that I worry about so many things. The first step to recovery is being aware the problem exist, right?

If the children weren’t keeping me so busy during the holidays, then I’d probably have a list.  I’ve gotten used to an empty nest and now I can’t get back on track. Blah-blah-blah.  I can toss blame with the best of them.  No Excuses in 2012 is now off the list-if there was a list.   My mind just runs to excuses.  It’s certainly not my fault I can’t seem to get the Christmas decorations down or the refrigerator cleaned out.  Maybe I’m afraid it will signify the end of the holidays and that mean old, brightly feathered, metal bird will  head this way to fly away with my last birdie.  Darn you, Southwest Airlines.  Actually she’s here for two more weeks.  Children are a parent’s best excuse for almost anything.

English: Southwest Airlines 737-300 N310SW. I ...  

In years past, I have always made the obligatory resolutions.  By February I couldn’t remember these promises.  If I had a written list (I didn’t), it would be lost, but I’m sure on January 1st in long gone years, the list always included the things above and goals of weight loss and writing deadlines to spice it up.  Then, the next thing I knew, it was February and I was too busy to dwell on forgotten resolutions.  I still needed to clean the Christmas leftovers out of the fridge.

And another thing- aren’t we suppose to try to live in the ‘now’?  With resolutions, I become focused on the future and not the ‘now’.   So now, I’m not eating chocolate and I’m writing therefore I wouldn’t consider this wasting time. ( My readers may disagree)  The only thing I’m worried about is getting a post out and I’m not making excuses about why I can’t get this done.  Consequently, I feel pretty good on January 4th, 2012 about my non-resolutions.

At least for ‘now’.


  1. Wait….we’re supposed to clean out the fridge? Seriously?
    I came to a similar resolution (NO resolutions) for opposite reasons: “I am way too busy cleaning up all this Christmas mess to bother with any resolutions.” Probably a sign of my ongoing empty nest sadness, but I had my decorations up for only long enough to cook and serve the turkey. Then the kids left, and the tree went.
    Let’s all resolve to relax and let it all be this year, how ’bout it?
    Great post, as always!


    • My tree is up and I have no resolutions. Well maybe one, I resolve to read your blog and giggle. Yes, laughter is a resolution I can handle. Oh and I resolve not to use omcastCay this year. See what I’m doing? Tricky, huh?


  2. It’s okay that you didn’t make any. I stopped for awhile myself because I was tired of telling myself lies. Then, I started up again and well, I feel quite the loser for having 1 out of 5 days of success.

    The children are a good excuse though. Just X out not making excuses with Being More Considerate and you’ve covered yourself pretty good.


    • I’m just no good with resolutions. I’m broadly spending this year looking for direction. We’ll see how that goes. You are a brilliant artist and I love your writing. Thanks for reading my blog.


    • And I laugh so much more now that I read blogs, including yours. I see a calendar-related one waiting for me to check out. I resolve to read it. Have a great 2012.


    • I covered my kitchen table with decorations today but the tree is still there. I have stopped turning the tree lights on at night. The leftovers remain but I threw out an old grapefruit today. It’s a start!


  3. My words exactly. Well, not really, because they are your words. Well, technically…
    Never mind.
    I love your blog. Just read through your most recent posts, and I’m pretty sure we’d be besties if given the chance. Have a wonderful 2012.
    Libby Lu


    • I’m blog stalking you today. I just got through your August post and I have already cried and laughed until I cried again. All your comments are closed so I can’t tell you that when you said you thought you were through crying, I bet you weren’t. Sometimes I just cuddle up on my daughter’s bed and think about her and I cry. And I’m pretty sure she doesn’t miss me like I miss her. We would be besties. You get it. I have to go now and continue with your September post. Happy New Year to you.


    • Update. I have just read your WHOLE blog and it’s a fact:
      You are one of my top 5 Bloggers!
      (I’m sure that this would be much more exciting if I were Ree Drummond or Jenny Lawson…but let’s not compare…)
      Keep on writing and making us think, and laugh!


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