A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to “The Descendants”

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Okay, once again, the crazy lady rears her head.  Only this time I had accomplices.  We were going to see The Descendants.  I love the movies.   I was even willing to go with my friends to a few stores to shop so I would get to go see a film on the big screen.  If you haven’t heard, I’m an oddity of the female species and I truly hate shopping.  But I was willing to endure this drudgery for a couple of hours with George Clooney.  Our small town has a movie theater but I felt this movie called for the big screen of the multiplex, so we left for our hour trek.

As we began our trip to the big city, the ‘in charge of finding movie time’ friend announced the movie wasn’t showing at the big city cinema.  Now this was a week or two ago and I was sure I’d seen a review  of the movie but I trusted her enough not to do my own imdb.com search on my phone.  We did our shopping and I moped as we left the city without the joyride of a good movie.

To relieve my moping, ‘in charge of finding movie time’ friend informed me the movie was to be released on January 12th.    Both girls assured me we would come back then and see the movie. (Secretly I think they are really planning to drag me to all the same stores to do their after Christmas returning of the gifts.)  This whole thing sounded a little fishy but who knows?  I know the movie wasn’t showing that December day.   The only thing I’m sure of is that I’ve seen trailers for this movie since last summer.  I can’t get-on-board with this whole ‘get us excited about a movie months before it opens’ thing.  I like to see a trailer and know I can go see the movie within a month, not within a year.

Cut to present day (how’s that for movie lingo).  I just looked online and the movie is still not in my big city where there are three multiplex theaters.  We aren’t completely in the sticks. I realize we won’t get The Artist, another movie I am dying to see, but we should get The Descendants.   I checked the release date and it does open January 12th – in Australia.  Maybe my dear friend is planning to fly me to Australia to see the film.  Shhh, don’t tell her I know the secret.

The Descendants opened in the USA on December 9th.  There must be a simple explanation for why the movie is not showing here but I can’t figure it out.  If anyone can, let me know.    Of course, I did get to spend the day with two good friends and, honestly, that’s better than a couple of hours with George.  I was just hoping for both.


  1. When they were filming Brother, Where Art Thou? A few of our friends were in the movie. I love to hear the story of one of them meeting our George (I too am a huge fan! ☺) She made a total fool of herself trying to explain to him that she normally didn’t look the way she was made up for the movie.

    Also, I hate shopping. It’s a sad thing for my shopaholic daughter who blew through her savings her first semester of college to buy unneeded clothes. (I wrote about this in my Thanksgiving post if you want a good laugh.)

    I see you are near Amarillo! I flew in there once to be in a friend’s wedding who lived a million miles west in New Mexico. Spent the night there. I like that city!

    You are a talented writer (and good mom!)



    • I don’t rewatch lots of movies other than ‘Lady and the Tramp’ and ‘Jungle Book’ (to name just a couple) when the kids were small but if we stumble upon ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ we seem to watch it again. Amarillo is nice but I would always rather be in the mountains of New Mexico. Nothing is better for my soul. Thanks for the compliment. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot reading your blog and you know I will continue to read it.


  2. Amarillo is certainly big enough to get this movie. Blame it on all the national chains that want to have multiple copies for each of their theater locations so they can show it on 2 screens to pull in as many people as possible during school vacation? …it’s supposed to be a funny show – hope it shows up near you soon ( and your friends owe you return trip after al the shopping and no reward?) BEtter luck in the new year.


  3. Wow, Australia got something before you? Weird I’d always assumed that every little dot on the map in the US would get it before we would. That’s usually the way it works insn’t it?


  4. And that makes three of us! I am bragging to everyone that I managed all of my Christmas shopping without once entering a mall. Hooray for shopping with a laptop, a glass of wine and some nice fuzzy slippers!
    And as for George…..I have to admit that I also prefers movies from the comfort of my lumpy couch rather than out with the crowds.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip to Australia, though!


    • You’re my kind of shopper. I have friends that can spend hours in shops. I take a book. Of course if my friend takes me to Australia, I will happily hit a few stores!! Thanks for reading.


  5. First of all, I hate to shop, too. I think there might be more of us out there than we think (we are probably the reason behind the screeching halt of the engines of commerce). Second, I have no explanation unless you live in my old town next to my old “big” city that never had any good movies.

    Enjoyed your post – thanks for the laugh.


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