Why My Laptop is my Favorite New Accessory

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I moved up recently from a desktop to a laptop computer.  I had a notebook but I like a full-sized keyboard and screen.   I actually sent my middle child to Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving night to get my laptop at the cheap Black Friday cost.  That should be defined as child abuse but he graciously went and now the laptop has become an accessory I can’t live without.

I frequently encounter the guilt of inactivity.  My beloved mother is always busy with something so I feel I shouldn’t waste time during the day.  I’m also inclined to believe that my life might be more productive with less television.  But now, with this wonder of technology, I can avoid the gnawing guilt of inactivity in front of the T.V.   The laptop gives me permission to occasionally plot down and watch the tube.  When I pop open the laptop and start searching for interesting posts, well, I’m doing research to better my blog.  So what if I do it on the commercials during “House”.

I look forward to using the laptop as a travel accessory.  When I fly, I’ll carry it close.  As a writer, I know, I should be searching for quirky travelers with insanely funny stories to share in my blog, but I’m lousy at small talk.  I’m the unsociable, middle-aged lady at the airport with her nose stuck in a book.  The only problem is people often look past my little book or Kindle and strike up a conversation.  What could be better than a laptop?   It has a built-in barrier called a screen.  I can easily whip it left or right to cutoff would-be intruders.

Image by James F Clay via Flickr
I know headphones can also serve as a deterrent to bored travelers but I usually forget to grab them when I head to the airport.  If I do think of headphones, here is what runs through my head-
Headphones=ipod=running shoes=larger suitcase=inconvenience=stress=I’ll exercise when I get home
 It’s got to be a big suitcase trip to warrant headphones.  Usually, if it’s a big suitcase trip, I’m traveling with my husband or my children.  If I do forget my headphones, so what,  I can talk with my kids.  Interestingly,  my children always remember their headphones on these trips, and their laptops. Hmm?

By the way, I wrote this post in front of the television.


  1. I love ,love,love my laptop! My favourite thing is being able to hide in my bedroom and work or browse the internet or blog without being constantly interupted by the kids or listen to the TV in the background. Nothing annoys me more when I’m trying to edit. Plus it’s all mine and i don’t have to share lol


    • I love when you said ‘it’s all mine’. I feel that way also. My desktop became the ‘family’ computer to family members when they were too lazy to go upstairs. I really resented it!!


    • If your husband is like mine, I’m really never sure why he watches some of the stuff he watches so it’s easy to tune out. I’m loving your Disney related post. Merry Christmas.


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