I have one hour to complete this post. The timer is on – ready,set,go.

The reason I have only an hour to do this task is because without deadlines, I might be here all day.

I ‘ve observed that other bloggers seem to post flawless, witty blogs almost everyday and I know they couldn’t possible spend the time I do trying to get everything just so-so.  They have interesting lives to attend to.  (And please this is not an invitation to point out how everything is not just so-so)

A good example of this is notquiteold.wordpress.com.   I love that blog.  I get excited when I receive notification that a new post is available.  I like to think of this author as my mentor because she was the first person to comment on my blog and, like a dog whose head is patted, I became attached.  She makes this look so easy.  I read her post and see her readership growing and I wonder, “What can I do to be more like ‘notquiteold’?” Oh and please, let’s keep this mentor thing between you and me.  Where I see the  kinder, gentler term ‘mentored’ to describe me, she might see the harsher term ‘stalker’.

And the pictures. Goodness.  I spent two hours yesterday trying to figure out what I had done to disable my Zemanta (picture provider)  connection.  It never dawned on me that it could be a problem caused by anything other than me.  I had loaded  my first picture on a post recently, so of course, I  assumed I had inadvertently blown up Zemanta.

Do I spend too much time editing?  You tell me. (see picture) I hate to be termed as a stalker and an edophile (yuck) in the same post but I may have a problem or  at least a total lack of confidence in my grammatical skills.