Yesterday all my little birdies flew the coop.  I decided if I was to survive the quiet, I should sit down and list the good points of an after Thanksgiving  mass exodus.  Here are my top ten ‘good points’ for a post Thanksgiving empty nest:

1)  The leftovers stayed and no one is here to catch me sneaking into the refrigerator – again.

2)  I can fall asleep at a decent hour and chances are no one will text me to tell me they’re going to be late. (I’m sure at college they’re all tucked in their beds by midnight every night)

3)  I can tell everybody I figured out, by myself,  how to load pictures to my blog and no one is here to tell the true story. (Thanks, M)

4)  All the rooms in the house will stay clean for more than an hour.

She's Home

 5)  There is less laundry to do and it’s easy to put away when you only have two possible recipients.  When you add a couple of kids, all those boxers start looking alike.

 6)  I get to watch whatever I want on the tube even if it’s on PBS and even if there’s no football involved.

 7)  I only have to run the dishwasher once a week.

 8)  I can wear my wornout sweats all day and not feel the unvoiced judgement of children.

 9)  I can lock the front door at ten and know that friends won’t be dropping by.

10)  I can quit hoping for freak snowstorms that will close all the roads and airports.

I could probably go on and on but the truth of the matter is, I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays.  I could make a list of one hundred ‘good’ points but I still can’t top the  reasons I want them back.  The house is just more fun, more joyful, and more alive when they’re here.