I love to laugh.  It’s like that scene with Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins.  I just want to float to the ceiling on bubbles of giggles.   In most cases, this is acceptable.  Laughing isn’t unusual in a “I’m at a party and my witty friend tells the most amusing joke about a priest, a rabbi and an imam in a boat” sense.  My concerns about my mental health stem from the fact that some of my knee-slapping, tear-producing giggles come when I’m at home- all alone.  Something strikes me as funny and as I laugh uncontrollably and I’m near the front window, a thought runs through my head, “Oh God, I hope no one can see me. What would they think ?”

I don’t have a million cats but I know there are other ways to become the crazy lady on the block.  I’m pretty sure this laughing thing could be one of those ways.  You don’t see a lot of movies with scenes about people just laughing out loud, in their houses-alone. And that of course means it’s not normal. Everything in the movies is true, right?  There’s cause for another post.

As I said, I can’t help it, I just love to laugh.  It was easy to laugh appropriately before this whole empty nest thing.  I wasn’t home alone as often and the house was full of humor.  Along with my husband, I’m blessed with three of the funniest kids you’ll ever meet.  That’s right, the cat’s out of the bag.  My kids are side-splitting hilarious. They still have those sharp minds that you have in your teens and early twenties and they know the perfect humorous responses to evoke a cheek dampening laugh from mom.  I especially like the inside family jokes that you only get from years of living together.  I guess while they’re home for Thanksgiving, I could padlock them in the basement so they could never leave.  I would only provide food in exchange for a hearty laugh.  Where is that toolbox?  Okay, too much crazy.  This goes way beyond laughing out loud while alone in your house.  Don’t worry kids I’m putting the padlocks and toolbox away.  You’re safe to come home.

And to be perfectly honest, I was laughing out loud alone in my house even when my kids lived here.